M.A. Thesis:  Untouchability of the Rural in the Urban:  Dispossession, Decay, and the Emergence of Squatting as a Form of Resistance in Newark
A thesis submitted to The New School in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts in International Affairs.
Newark, New Jersey and New York, New York USA [May 2014]


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Parsons The New School for Design, School of Design Strategies
Teaching/Research Assistant, Design and Urban Ecologies
New York USA [2012—2013]

The New School Milano International Field Program
Göç-Der Migrants’ Association for Social Cooperation and Culture

Istanbul Turkey [2013]

The Observatory on Latin America at The New School
Program Associate
New York USA [2012—2013]

United Nations Global Alliance
Team Consultant
New York USA [2012]

Peace Corps Guatemala
Sustainable Agriculture
San Andrés Itzapa Guatemala [2008—2011]

The Art Newspaper, Umberto Allemandi & Co. Publishing
Advertising Executive, North and South America
New York USA [2006—2008]

Robert Steele Gallery
New York USA [2002—2006]


Covenant House
Newark, New Jersey USA [2014]

Nişantaşı, Istanbul Turkey [2014]

Cihangir Yoga 50-Hour 6-Month Staj/Internship and Mentorship with İpek Soygür, Chris Chavez and Zeyneb Uras
Cihangir Yoga, Istanbul Turkey [2014—2015]

Body In Ruins with the International Society of Biourbanism
Artena, Italy, Piazza della Resistenza [April 2015]

Yeldeğirmeni Kadıköy
Art Studio
Kadıköy, Istanbul Turkey [2015]

The Cihangir Yoga Advanced Teacher Training
Master Intensive #1 with Chris Chavez [May 20—24, 2015]
Master Intensive #2 with Chris Chavez [November 11—15, 2015]
Cihangir Yoga, Istanbul, Turkey

ShaktiYoga New York RYT 200-Hour Teacher Training with Julie Dohrman
Bend & Bloom Yoga
Brooklyn, New York USA [2013—2014]

The Teachers Lab with Julie Dohrman
ShaktiYoga New York
New York, New York USA [2014]

Applied Psychology for Yogis with Livia Cohen-Shapiro from Ecstatic Unfoldment
9-Month Mentorship [2015—2016]
Embodied Psychology for Yogis [2015]
Emotional Literacy for Yogis [2014]
Dirty Little Secrets: The Dark Side of Yoga, Enlightened Living and Living in the Light [2014]
How To Keep Your Shit Together (And Help Everyone Around You) [2014]